JK Genealogy

Genealogy research has become increasingly popular, for example from TV series like Who do you think you are?. If you have Swedish ancestors, and want to find out more about them, but do not have the time or possibility to do it yourself, then you can get help from me.

I have been doing genealogy research since 2006, and know my way around the various documents used for genealogy research in Sweden. In my own research I have tracked down several of my relatives emigrating from Sweden in the 19th century, and been able to locate, and been in contact with, living descendants to them. I also have access to which allows me to do research outside of Sweden.

I live in Uppsala, just a few minutes walk from one of the large regional state archives of Sweden. The archive has original documents from a large part of central Sweden, and also gives me access to many tools and databases useful for research.

Jan Kärrman,
Wid sidstlne Ting, är Mats Zachrißon i Drafsen
och Hindrich Grillßon dersammastädes af läns-
man Schedin anklagade, för slagzmåhl hwar-
på annan, hwaröfwer Rätten då eij kun-