I carry out research at different levels of detail, according to the customer's wishes. Contact me and we will determine what a suitable level will be for you. Typical examples are, starting with a given person (called proband):

For all information found, complete citations of sources are supplied, so you have the possibility to look them up, and continue researching from there yourself at a later time.

To be able to start researching, I will need as much information as possible about name, date and place of birth of the proband.

There are many problems that could cause further reseach impossible, or at least very difficult. For example, a person could have been born by an unmarried woman, and no father is mentioned in the records. In several parishes documents for long periods of time have been destroyed by fire or otherwise lost. If this will stop my research at an early stage, I will send what material I found at no cost.

Contact me so we can make an agreement of how the research should be carried out, and what your cost would be. Quick services, like answers to simple questions, research advice, analysis and translation of short texts are made without charge.