Stina “Rifalls-Stina” Nilsdotter

Birth Name Stina “Rifalls-Stina” Nilsdotter
Call Name Stina
Gramps ID I0064
Gender female
Age at Death 76 years, 10 months, 22 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0108] 1821-03-14 Lejen, Säfsnäs (W)  
Baptism [E5483] 1821-03-15 Säfsnäs (W)  
Occupation [E1183]     Nybyggare
Death [E1078] 1898-02-05 Rällsön, Ljusnarsberg (T)  
Burial [E1106] 1898-02-13 Ljusnarsberg (T)  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Nils Nilsson [I0062]
Mother Magdalena “Lena” Persdotter [I0063]
    Sister     Stina Kajsa Nilsdotter [I0366]
    Brother     Lars Nilsson [I0161]
    Sister     Kristina “Helena” Nilsdotter [I0362]
    Brother     Nils Nilsson [I0363]
         Stina “Rifalls-Stina” Nilsdotter [I0064]
    Brother     Nils Nilsson [I0364]
    Brother     Ludvig Nilsson [I0365]


    Family of Stina “Rifalls-Stina” Nilsdotter [F0369]
  1. Per Johan Jansson [I0162]
  2. Carl Erik Carlsson [I0004]


  1. Nils Nilsson [I0062]
    1. Magdalena “Lena” Persdotter [I0063]
      1. Stina Kajsa Nilsdotter [I0366]
      2. Lars Nilsson [I0161]
      3. Kristina “Helena” Nilsdotter [I0362]
      4. Nils Nilsson [I0363]
      5. Stina "Rifalls-Stina" Nilsdotter
          1. Per Johan Jansson [I0162]
          2. Carl Erik Carlsson [I0004]
      6. Nils Nilsson [I0364]
      7. Ludvig Nilsson [I0365]